We work with years of experience in the construction industry behind us. We deal with the renovation of apartments, minor maintenance work, but also the plastering and false ceilings of large, commercial buildings.

Our team consists of diverse, but at the same time maximally cooperative members who combine technical, financial and commercial knowledge to present plans developed to the smallest detail, from planning to execution to equipment.

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Services provided


Over the years, we have gained a great deal of experience in working with drywall. We deliver high quality for surfaces that require large and complex design. We also carry out smaller jobs that focus on detail and precision.

Heat and sound insulation

We can remedy serious problems utilizing modern methods best for sound and heat insulation of wall interiors. We create insulating walls and ceilings using materials of relatively small in thickness that insulate strongly, but take up little space even on the most complex of surfaces.

Private renovations

Our experience in plasterboarding residential houses combines creativity with modern technology. We find solutions for everything from simple partitions to covering pipes and wires, to tackling suspended ceilings and installing lighting.

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