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On a construction site, you have to prepare for unexpected situations. What could be out of date or a design error or possibly mismatched blueprint and actual dimensions, that is why our employees are prepared for each situation to agree with the designer or owner on the normal continuation of the situation.

Our team consists of diverse, but at the same time maximally cooperative members who combine technical, financial and commercial knowledge to present plans developed to the smallest detail, from planning to execution to equipment.

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Our Team


Elisa Sternativo

Determined, passionate and consciously moving against the tide. In terms of courses, trainings and real estate investments, Elisa found the opportunity she was looking for in Budapest.

Alice Sternativo

Interior designer
Much like her sister, Alice has been an entrepreneur with heart and soul since a young age. She found her passion for real estate investing and home staging while spending time in Florida.

Mekeres Arnold Márk

Lead Contractor
Born in Hungary, yet Italian at heart, Márk has vast experience in renovations and interior design. His work is characterized by sophistication, accuracy and competence.